GIF for My Daughter

I wanted to make something creative since I learned how to make GIF with Photoshop. First I was thinking about making a song lyrics, then I realized It will take a long time to create the GIF, I also have final exams for other classes, but it’s not impossible to make GIF with a song lyric. Then I start thinking about something small, my daughter birthday is coming up let’s make a gif for her birthday. To make this Gif first I choose color backgrounds then right color text. Then I choose the Timeline from the window. I have to make a sentence with these words so I had to maintain a sequence with the timeline pictures from first to last one. I also changed the time between the images. Then I save this file from the options save for web. Then I copy the link of the GIF and pasted here.

FUSE and MIXAMO Project

I created this movie by using FUSE and MIXAMO, also used iMovie and QuickPlay to edit the movie. First I choose a face of the character, then hands, legs and hair, also I chose a dress that go along with the character. Now my character is ready, I already had an account with adobe so it was easy to move my character to MIXAMO. In MIXAMO there is thousand of options to how you want to move your character. I have experience working with Adobe After Effect  and I know how hard it is to move a character on place to another, but here we can find thousand of different movements. I choose few of the fighting actions movement to make it a bad-ass like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

It wasn’t hard to make this movie but I have idea to make a movie little longer than this one and it will make more senses.