Bye bye…

It was such a great semester for me, another great thing about this semester is CT101 class and our favorite professor Ryan Seslow. I am going to graduate next semester but in my whole college life never found a professor like Ryan. He listens to students, one of the great qualities of Professor Ryan.

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Things I loved This Semester

Gifs From Scratch

I never had an idea before how to make gifs professor Ryan taught us how to make gifs file different ways.  Now I can make gifs my own. Here’s the gif I made

Here’s the other one


Another clever way to make a 3D character is FUZE. Fuze has lots of option to make characters. When you create a character in Fuze you can upload that character on Mixamo another helpful tool to make movements for your character. Here is the video I made with  Fuze and Mixamo.

Own animation Gif

I made this monster character with Adobe Illustrator in my other class FA 284, then I had to make 5 seconds video with this character, which was very hard, here is the gif that I make with my 5 seconds animation.

My other website

I also made another website in my Final Project class it’s called I made this website from a template call Phantom from Then I made changes in the template as per my website requirements.  My website is about New York City, I used a lot of pictures on this website and all of them my own pictures and I took these pictures different times and places.

GIF for my Daughter

I wanted to make something creative since I learned how to make GIF with Photoshop. First I was thinking about making a song lyrics, then I realized It will take a long time to create the GIF, I also have final exams for other classes, but it’s not impossible to make GIF with a song lyric. Then I start thinking about something small, my daughter birthday is coming up let’s make a gif for her birthday.

Thank you, Professor Ryan, for teaching us useful staffs to create a digital story.

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My Final Project Website

This semester I took another class called Final Project. I am majoring communication technology so I choose to make a website for the final project. I wanted to make a responsive website for New York City. I was looking for ideas about how I am going to start then I found a website called where I can download the templates and make changes as I want. I choose Phantom one of the popular template on that website.


After downloading the template I start changing the fonts, pictures, and logo of the website. The template had only one additional page, but I made around Nineteen pages and connected with the links. Here’s my website in pictures