My Own Animated GIF

I had always curiosity how people make cartoons, what they do, how hard or easy it is? I got all of my answers in this semester. I took a Fine Arts class, where I had chance to learn about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe After Effects. Until Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I was doing pretty well but when came to After Effects it was going well, everybody in the class were very frustrated to make only 5 second go animation. FIVE SECONS are nothing when we watch cartoons. Now I have the answers its never so easy to make animations, need lot of patience

FUSE and MIXAMO Project

I created this movie by using FUSE and MIXAMO, also used iMovie and QuickPlay to edit the movie. First I choose a face of the character, then hands, legs and hair, also I chose a dress that go along with the character. Now my character is ready, I already had an account with adobe so it was easy to move my character to MIXAMO. In MIXAMO there is thousand of options to how you want to move your character. I have experience working with Adobe After Effect  and I know how hard it is to move a character on place to another, but here we can find thousand of different movements. I choose few of the fighting actions movement to make it a bad-ass like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider.

It wasn’t hard to make this movie but I have idea to make a movie little longer than this one and it will make more senses.

Vaporwave Project

Never heard about vapor-wave before, but kind of liked this new feature while working last class. It works great with only transparent images. In this image I was trying to explain that now a days we are having less trees and more machines. We got tons of turning on buttons in our everyday life, we also love computer than natural staffs, it has to be connected with internet provider which give us connection to the internet through WIFI, spending more time in front machines and getting away from the nature.

Adding Menu in My website

A website without navigation makes no sense. So, I just added three menus in my website. Now I will explain how I did it. First, I went to my website backend, then I hoover over on the option Appearance on the left side of my website backend, another sub-menu will come up and I selected Menus from the option.

Watching Cricket Match Makes Me Happy

I born in Bangladesh and cricket is one of the favorite sports in Bangladesh. Cricket is almost similar to American baseball game. I was very passionate about cricket since childhood and also played cricket more than ten years when I was in Bangladesh. There is only 1o-12 countries playing cricket internationally around the world, and Bangladesh is one of them. There was only about few countries were playing internationally when the one day international(ODI) started around 1970s. Bangladesh get qualified to play cricket internationally on 1998 and it was memorable day for all Bangladeshi people. So its been more than twenty years Bangladesh playing cricket internationally. I used to watch cricket live in the stadium, now I am very far from Bangladesh, so I watch cricket online now. I watch all kind of cricket matches, but I try not to miss any Bangladesh cricket match. Also I have a apps to see the live scores of any match anywhere in the world. Lot of people thinks cricket is a boring game because of the time, but I think if you know the cricket well it wouldn’t be boring anymore. Also there is short form of cricket its call 20-20 which is also exciting and thrilling to watch. Although Bangladesh is playing for years but Bangladesh never win World Cup yet, I hope Bangladesh will win the World Cup one day and that will be the happiest day in my life.

My Website

Finally, I have a brand new website, it’s my full name I want to post works that learned from CT101 class. I always wanted to build a website from scratch but wordpress not bad, it is only clicking buttons instead of hours of coding. I really loved it. May be I will open traveling website during the summer break and post articles and pictures that I took different places.

Project Panoramic

I used panoramic feature before but it was totally wrong way. After this class I really learn new ways to take pictures, actually everything I am learning from this class mostly new, but professor teaching us very different way which influencing us to learn these new things.


This was the first time I took panoramic picture and it was so perfect. Great feelings. But when I tried to make three duplicates in the same picture with my wife and daughter it came up very scary and had to delete right away.

One of my friends took this picture and it came up great.

First GIF from scratch

This is my first GIF project.

It wasn’t easy when started. I needed lot of help from professor, but finally I am able to make a gif file from scratch and I am very exited now.

I put lot of time and affords to find the options/tools to make the gif in photoshop at home. Finally I am able make it. Feels great. Although I used four pictures here but it looks like I used only two pictures.


Let’s Meme

I saw lots of memes in social media, but I never thought that I will ever create memes. After making some memes it really feels great, it also giving me ideas create different memes. Social media is full of memes one of the favorite page in facebook is “Earki”, they are very good at making memes. They know the people humor and they write the memes according to the people humor, it very silly stuff but very funny. I am fan of their memes. Here are my memes tried my best to make is funny.