My Website

Finally, I have a brand new website, it’s my full name I want to post works that learned from CT101 class. I always wanted to build a website from scratch but WordPress not bad, it is only clicking buttons instead of hours of coding. I really loved it. Maybe I will open the traveling website during the summer break and post articles and pictures that I took in different places.

I want to use this website to put all my artworks like GIF, Animations, Photoshop works, Illustrator works and more. The writing wasn’t easy for me when I try to write something couldn’t find the words to write, so I want to develop this website with artworks and creative works and less writing. I also make a lot of grammatical mistakes.

Project Panoramic

I used panoramic feature before but it was totally wrong way. After this class I really learn new ways to take pictures, actually everything I am learning from this class mostly new, but professor teaching us very different way which influencing us to learn these new things.


This was the first time I took panoramic picture and it was so perfect. Great feelings. But when I tried to make three duplicates in the same picture with my wife and daughter it came up very scary and had to delete right away.

One of my friends took this picture and it came up great.

First GIF from scratch

This is my first GIF project.

Daniel Craig one of my favorite characters in James Bond movies. I never watch his movies before he became James Bond. I watched all the James Bond movies he acted.

It wasn’t easy when started. I needed a lot of help from my professor, but finally, I am able to make a gif file from scratch and I am very excited now.

Tom Cruise also in my favorite actors’ list, I try not to miss Tom Cruise movies. One of his favorite movies is Top Gun, also liked his Impossible series, most I loved from MI series was MI-2 and MI-Ghost protocol.

I put a lot of time and affords to find the options/tools to make the gif in photoshop at home. Finally, I am able to make it. Feels great. Although I used four pictures here it looks like I used only two pictures.


Let’s Meme

I saw lots of memes in social media, but I never thought that I will ever create memes. After making some memes it really feels great, it also giving me ideas to create different memes. Social media is full of memes one of the favorite pages in facebook is “Earki”, they are very good at making memes. Their memes are in Bengali.

They know the people humor and they write the memes according to the people humor, it very silly stuff but very funny. I am a fan of their memes. Here are my memes, I tried my best to make it funny.







Feelings About CT-101 Class

When I registered for CT-101 class I was like

Any 101 class was hard for me and did lot of work during the semester but didn’t get enough grade. I was kind of afraid to take this class but for my major requirement, it’s mandatory to take CT-101.

But after the first class felt like

I was so tense about this class, but after first lecture of of Prof. Ryan I felt really great and confident about this class, also felt like lot useful stuff going to learn from this class.

After the second class felt like

After second class I felt confident