My Own Animated GIF

I had always curious how people make cartoons, what they do, how hard or easy it is? I got all of my answers in this semester. I took a Fine Arts class, where I had the chance to learn about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Until Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop I was doing pretty well but when came to After Effects it wasn’t going well, everybody in the class were very frustrated to make only 5 second go animation. FIVE SECONDS are nothing when we watch cartoons. Now I have the answers of all my questions about making animations its never so easy to make animations, need lot of patience, art work skills, time and more.

This monster you are seeing in the scene it was from my Illustrator project in the class. When our professor asks us to choose one of the characters from the projects we did I choose this monster, I choose a hard project to do because I wanted to learn from this project. Professor first showed us the regular moving tools how to do the actions with our character which I felt like little old way of making animation, then she showed us puppet pin tool which is very easy to use but hard to control when you don’t the puppet pin right place. After all the struggles finally, I was able to make 5 seconds video. It

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